Nimue Facials

Rejuvenation Facial £60.00

An active skin rejuvenation treatment for environmentally damaged, hyperpigmented and problematic skin using hydroxy acid and fruit enzymes.

A potent yet gentle treatment delivering powerful results, culminating in refined texture, pore size and elasticity.

Alpha Lipoic Maintenance Facial £60.00

Designed to give the skin a powerful anti-oxidant boost to treat the signs of premature ageing caused by the sun, stress and pollutants. 15% AHA resulting in visible, radiant rejuvenation.

35% Glycolic Facial £65.00

A highly active skin rejuvenation treatment designed for all skin classifications, providing controlled skin cell removal for a deeper exfoliation. Enhances your skin tone and testure.

Recommended in weekly or two weekly courses of 6 treatments with home care programme

Collagen Facial £60.00

This deep exfoliation treatment is suitable for all skin classifications. The marine and botanical minerals captured in the hydrogel layer of the mask delivers intense hydration, cooling, plumping and tightening of the skin. Results are softening of lines and wrinkles, helping to maintain a youthful appearance.

Relaxation Facial £60.00

fruit enzymes and effective anti-oxidant ingredients to refine the skin. Cleanse, exfoliation, steam and masque are used to restore the skins natural balance. This facial is preceded by a 15 minute back massage to totally relax you before your skin treatment.

Skin analysis £0.00

Skin is analysed in our scanner to give you an insight into your current skin condition.

Nimue Express Facial £35.00

Double cleanse, tone, exfoliation and moisturise, for all you girls on a tight schedule.